2017 November: Magpies Poisoned (Coal Point NSW). Pesticides: Fenamiphos, Fenthion

Coal Point consortium offers $5000 reward for information that leads to conviction of magpie poisoner


A $5000 reward has been offered by a Coal Point “consortium” for information leading to a conviction of those responsible for killing 21 magpies at Coal Point with pesticide.

Coal Point Progress Association said the magpies were found dead on October 9 “around the perimeter of Coal Point School and Rofe Street”.

“The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is asking for the community’s help to catch a suspected bird killer,” a spokesperson for the association said.

“A local consortium is putting up a $5000 reward for information leading to a conviction.”

Laboratory analysis of one of the dead birds by the EPA revealed high concentrations of pesticides including fenamiphos and fenthion, both of which are not readily available to the public.

The EPA is also investigating the recent poisoning of birds at Budgewoi.

The EPA’s director for the Hunter region, Karen Marler, said community information could be the missing piece that helps solve the puzzle.

“Residents in Budgewoi and Warnervale will remember that this time last year, we had similar cases involving corella and magpie deaths. What’s worrying is that our lab analysis is telling us it’s the same pesticide, in the same location, along with a new location only 20km away.

“If you see anyone disposing of food or chemicals near open spaces such as ovals or parks, please call our 24/7 Environment Line on 131 555.”

Ms Marler also reminded locals to be vigilant with their pets.

“Residents of Budgewoi, Coal Point and Warnervale should keep a close eye on their pets,” she said.

“We know people have used food in the past to lure and kill birds. Please make sure your pets do not eat anything foreign when on their daily walks.”

It is an offence under the EPA’s legislation to use pesticides in a manner that harms non-target animals.

The maximum penalties for this are $120,000 for an individual.

It is also an offence to cause danger or harm to an animal by littering and maximum penalties are $3,300.