2015 August: Man Fined for Pesticide Misuse (animal baiting). Pesticide: Fenthion

Man fined for pesticide misuse
25 Aug, 2015
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A MAN has been fined $400 and cautioned by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) for the inappropriate use of an insecticide product containing the active constituent Fenthion for the purpose of baiting wild dogs, foxes and feral pigs on a property near Atholwood NSW.

The EPA issued the fine to the man because he had been using a registered pesticide contrary to an approved label.

He was also issued with an Official Caution under the Pesticides Regulation 2009 for applying the pesticide without relevant qualifications and for not keeping the required records.

Lindsay Fulloon, Manager Armidale Region, NSW EPA, said landowners need to understand their responsibilities when it comes to using pesticides.

“There is a Pesticide Control Order (PCO) that enables landholders to lawfully use 1080 bait products on their properties to control these pest animals – such as wild dogs, foxes and feral pigs,” Mr Fulloon said.

“But the use of pesticide products for purposes other than those they are designed for can have serious environmental consequences.

“In this instance, the use of Fenthion for baiting pest animals could have impacted on non-target native and domestic animals in the area if matter had not been reported to the EPA”

The EPA emphasises the importance of completing a chemical users training program prior to applying pesticides, maintaining appropriate records of the use of any pesticides and applying the pesticide in accordance with the approved label directions.

“The EPA is both a regulator of the NSW environment and a resource for its protection,” Mr Fulloon said.

“We are available for consultation on environmental matters and are available to work with landholders to develop solutions to problems which do not lead to further environmental impacts.

“In this instance we have advised the man of the legal methods and requirements for controlling pest animals on agricultural land.”