2006 April/May: Pesticides in Fish etc Maribyrnong River (Armourments). Pesticides: Dieldrin, p,p,DDD, p,p,DDE, p,p,DDT, Endrin

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Technical Report
Yarra and Maribyrnong estuaries: Investigation of contaminants in fish
EPA Victoria 40 City Road, Southbank Victoria 3006 AUSTRALIA
Publication 1094 January 2007
ISBN 0 7306 7659 5 © EPA Victoria 2007
p34 Eel (sample no.7):
Dieldrin 0.059mg/kg, p,p,DDD 0.05mg/kg, p,p,DDE 0.011mg/kg, p,p,DDT 0.01mg/kg, Endrin 0.01mg/kg