1997 March: Bribie Island Fish Kill. Pesticide. Chlorpyrifos

The Queensland Department of the Environment provided the following details of
chlorpyrifos related contamination and fish kill incidents, noting that incidents in and
around Brisbane are often associated with under slab treatments in the vicinity,
particularly after rain. This pattern of contamination suggests that label warnings to
prevent runoff from treated areas may not be sufficiently prominent or are being
disregarded. Alternatively, the formulation may be leaching. Recent sediment surveys
in Brisbane waterways, which contain a legacy of organochlorine contamination
originating from termite treatments, has found both bifenthrin and chlorpyrifos
at a few μg/kg in some samples…
Bribie Island Sunshine Coast, March 1997
Probable Source: Under slab treatment
Chlorpyrifos in water: Up to 5ug/L (15ug/kg in sediment).
Chlorpyrifos in fish tissue: 2835ug/kg
p180 https://apvma.gov.au/sites/default/files/publication/14756-chlorpyrifos-irr-environment.pdf