1993 April: Liverpool Golf Club (Lansvale). Herbicides kill 70 native ducks

Herbicides Killed 70 Ducks, Say Golfers

Sydney Morning Herald Sunday April 11, 1993 By GERALDINE O’BRIEN

Inspectors from the National Parks and Wildlife Service and the RSPCA are investigating the use of herbicides at the Liverpool Golf Club, Lansvale, which apparently led to the death of at least 70 native ducks.

The incident, which occurred on March 30, was reported by a number of golfers who saw the ducks die after two greens were sprayed by grounds staff.

One of them, Mr Erwin Huber, of Bondi, said yesterday that it had been”carnage; absolute slaughter”.

He was playing a round of social golf when men began spraying the ninth and 18th greens, which are adjacent to large ponds that are home to ducks.

“As we came up the fairway a little time later, one of us spotted a dead duck on the ground. I looked around and there were another five or six. By the time we’d played the last two holes there were 20-odd dead and dying,” he said.

“Those that weren’t already dead were in total distress and frothing at the mouth.”

When he asked at the pro-shop, Mr Huber was told the greens were being sprayed against weeds.

Later, from the clubhouse, Mr Huber and his friends saw a utility drive around the course picking up dead birds. He estimated it collected about 70 birds.

A spokesman for the RSPCA confirmed yesterday that the poisonings were being investigated. A spokesman for the golf club could not be contacted.