1968 February – 1968 November: Dowey’s Spur (Vic) Phasmatid Spraying. Pesticide: Malathion

1 February 1968: Forests Commission to Pesticides Review Committee: “…apply Malathion to 280 acres of Mountain Ash forest in the Powelltown area, subsequent studies of insect population have shown that the boundaries of four areas to be sprayed will have to be extended…” Brittania Creek 146 acres, Fitzpatricks Road 74 acres, Ada River 110 acres, Dowey’s Spur 140 acres.

1 March 1968: 15th Meeting Pesticides Review Committee: Application from the Forests Commission to spray areas with Malathion for the control of phastmatids in the Powelltown area.

22 November 1968: 22nd Meeting Pesticides Review Committee: 31. Letter received from Forests Commission advised of spraying program at Brittania Creek, Fitzpatricks Road, Ada River, Dowey’s Spur, Learmonth Creek Road. FCV letter dated 11 October 1968 – aerial spray 4676 acres “…The Brittania Creek area is of particular concern is about 1 1/2 miles upstream from the take-off weir of the Yarra Junction water supply. It is intended that no insecticide will be released within two chains of the water course – due to start 3/1/69 to 17/1/69.

7 February 1969: 23rd Meeting Pesticides Review Committee: Letter dated 23rd December received from Forests Commission requesting extension of area to be sprayed – Amalgamated Chemicals to supply “Dibrom” as comparison to Malathion area to be sprayed 100 acres.