2003 May – 2013 Dec: Wurdee Boluc Reservoir (Geelong). Pesticide: 2,4-D.

Australia’s highest 2,4-D reading in a domestic water supply 34ug/L, May 12 2003. Wurdee Boluc supplies drinking water to suburbs in western Geelong region and surf coast towns.

In the decade 2003-13, three detections of pesticides have occurred at Wurdee Boluc, with many more occurring upstream.

12/5/03 Barwon Water Wurdee Boluc Raw Water 2,4-D 34ug/l (1.13xADWGHealth)

5/12/11 Barwon Water Wurdee Boluc WTP Raw Water Pirimicarb 1.1ug/L (15.71% adwgh). Second highest level of Pirimicarb detected in Victorian Water Supply.

4/12/13 Barwon Water Wurdee Boluc Propachlor 1.8ug/L (2.57%adwhg). Highest level of Propachlor detected in a Victorian Water Supply.