2004 September: Timber Spraying Contaminated Drinking Water. Pesticide: Atrazine.

Sep 2004: ANNIE GUEST: While intense political debate over yet unseen Coalition and Labor forestry policies continues, the Tasmanian Government and Gunns Limited have been reluctant to inform the community about the incident last month at Wyena, in the north-east. Today in Parliament, 20 minutes after Opposition parties began questioning the Premier about it – who said he knew nothing – his Primary Industries and Water Minister, Steve Kons, admitted he was aware of the problem. STEVE KONS: The Spray Information and Referral Unit collected three water samples on the 20th of August. These samples were collected from a temporary stream flowing from the coop (phonetic) and onto the Carpenters’ property, a dam at the bottom of the property and one from a depression in a target area. All three tests gave positive readings which exceeded the Australian drinking water guideline.


Sunday Age February 6 2005

“…Six week after the spraying on August 18, the herbicide atrazine was detected at a level of 0.72 parts per billion in the bore supplying their drinking water