1999 May – 2015 May: Tod Reservoir South Australia. Pesticides detected: Simazine, Chlorpyrifos

Tod Reservoir – Pesticide detections.

1999 May 18 Simazine 0.6ug/L

1999 October 5 Simazine 0.7ug/L (loc 1)

2000 December 5 Simazine 0.6ug/L

2007 June 8 Simazine 0.7ug/L

2007 July 12 Simazine 0.6ug/L

2010 April 14 Simazine 0.55ug/L Middle Lake

2010 April 14 Simazine 0.65ug/L Loc 1

Tod Reservoir

8/5/14: Chlorpyrifos 2.68ug/L (Middle Lake)

8/5/14: Chlorpyrifos 1.39 (Loc 1)

20/6/14: Simazine 1.2ug/L, Trifluralin 0.11ug/L

21/5/15: Simazine 0.7ug/L

21/5/15: Simazine 0.6ug/L (Middle Lake)

21/5/15: Simazine 0.8ug/L (Middle Lake)

December 2009: Port Lincoln mayor Peter Davis has questioned whether a toxic chemical is the reason why the area’s main reservoir is not being used. The 11,000-megalitre Tod Reservoir has been decommissioned because SA Water says salinity is high. But Mr Davis says he has been told the real reason is agricultural run-off of the farm chemical Simazine. He says whatever the reason, SA Water is wasting a valuable resource and the reservoir should be restored. “Given that there may be this toxic chemical Simazine in there which has come off farmers’ paddocks for the last 50 years or whatever it is I don’t know, ergo you can’t use the water,” he said.