2009: Mildura (Lake Hawthorn etc). Pesticides: Methidathion, Chlorothalonil, Simazine, Chlorpyrifos

Source: GHD Lower Murray Water Report for Monitoring of Irrigation Drainage Water

Stage 1 Report October 2009

p24 Table 2 Contaminants Posing A Potential High Risk To Aquatic Ecosystems in the Mallee

Methidathion: 0.98ug/L Lake Hawthorn, Catchment 8, Murray River, Cardross Lakes

Chlorothalonil: 7.9ug/L Lake Hawthorn and Bruces Bend

Simazine: 38ug/L Cardross Lakes, Lake Hawthorn, Murray River

Chlorpyrifos: 1.46ug/L Nangiloc-Colignan, river drainage outfalls, Bruces Bend, Lake Hawthorn