2017/20: Givrex (Egypt). Exporting Cut Green Beans in Breach of Australian MRL. Pesticides: Carbendazim, Chlorpyrifos

Givrex (Egypt) Exported Food breaching Australian MRL’s for: Chlorpyrifos, Carbendazim

20/9/17: Frozen Cut Green Beans – Givrex (Egypt) – Pesticide: Carbendazim 0.063mg/kg

11/4/18: Cut Green Beans – Givrex (Egypt) – Pesticide: Chlorpyrifos 0.015mg/kg

24/8/20: Okra small – Givrex Robert Mansour & Co (Egypt) – Pesticide: Chlorpyrifos 0.02mg/kg

Source Failing Food Report – Australian Department of Agriculture (AQIS)