2017/18: Bunyip River (Victoria). Pesticides: Simazine, Metolachlor, Prometryn

2017/18 Bunyip River (Grab Samples):

Winter: Simazine 0.029µg/L

Autumn: Metolachlor 0.057µg/L

2017/18 Bunyip River (Chemcatcher Sampler):

Winter: Simazine 0.015µg/L

Spring: Prometryn 0.016µg/L, Metolachlor 0.029µg/L

Summer: Metolachlor 0.011µg/L

Autumn: Metolachlor 0.073µg/L

Myers, JH., Sharp, S., Long, S., Kellar, C., and Pettigrove, V. (2018), Final Report Western Port Toxicant Study Stage 4: Assessment of pesticide risks in catchments of north-eastern Western Port, Aquatic Pollution Prevention Partnership, Technical Report No. 2, RMIT University, Victoria, Australia