2016 June: Pesticide Spill Orange NSW.

Hazards of the job for firefighters: Peisley Street pesticide spill clean up operation

June 3, 2016 Central Western Daily
DECONTAMINATION: Orange Fire and Rescue officers and members of Fire and Rescue NSW’s hazardous material team, working at the Elders site yesterday following a pesticide spill

A PESTICIDE spill at Elders in Peisley Street on Thursday afternoon was the focus of a decontamination exercise which took several hours to clean up.

Orange Fire and Rescue officers were joined by the Fire and Rescue NSW hazardous materials team from Bathurst in the early afternoon after reports of a spill of cropping pesticide from the back of a truck which was making a delivery at the site.

Inspector Brett Jackson of NSW Fire and Rescue said 15 firefighters were involved in the clean up.

“Initially two workers had to be decontaminated as the liquid had spilled onto their boots and gloves,” Inspector Jackson said.

He said firefighters then used absorbent material to soak up the surplus pesticide liquid.

They also donned breathing apparatus during the process.

After the spill was cleaned up firefighters had to be decontaminated themselves to ensure no residue remained.