2013 September – 2016 September: Longford (Tas) Drinking Water. Pesticides: 2,4-D, MCPA, Simazine


Source: Right to Information Act

26/9/13: 0.12ug/L 2,4-D

26/9/13: 0.27ug/L MCPA

TasWater Annual Drinking Water Quality Report 2014-15

3/9/14: MCPA 0.29ug/L

29/10/14: MCPA 0.64ug/L

Flushing the lines and investigate monitoring undertaken. Retests conducted on 18/9/14 with Trace Levels MCPA (0.2ug/L) and 2,4-D 0.05ug/L… 29 Oct 2014 Trace MCPA 0.64ug/L Lines were flushed and investigative monitoring undertaken in distribution and raw water – retests all clear.

17/3/16: MCPA 0.03ug/L (Lyttleton St Toilets)

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report – Appendix C Supporting Data Part A (Systems A-L)

17/8/16: MCPA 0.08ug/L (Macquarie River)

30/8/16: MCPA 0.03ug/L (Macquarie River)

7/9/16: MCPA 0.1ug/L (Macquarie River)

7/9/16: Simazine 0.02ug/L (Macquarie River)

TasWater Raw Pesticide data by system v4