2013 December – 2014 April. Jacksons Creek (upstream recycled water plant) Gisborne. Pesticides: Bifenthrin, Simazine, Tebuconazole, Metalaxyl, Penconazole

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Jacksons Creek Gisborne Site: JURWP

Dec 13: Bifenthrin (sediment) 0.3mg/kg, Simazine 0.025ug/L, Tebuconazole 0.01ug/L

March 14: Metalaxyl 0.031ug/L, Penconazole 0.018ug/L

April 14: Bifenthrin (sediment) 0.82mg/kg

Source: Centre for Aquatic Pollution Identification and Management. Technical Report 46B: Identifying the Factors Influencing Aquatic Ecosystem Health in the Upper Jacksons Creek Catchment. February 2015