2012 November – 2019: Happy Valley Water Treatment Plant Inlet. Pesticides detected: MCPA

Happy Valley Water Treatment PlantĀ  Inlet

5/11/12: MCPA 0.06ug/L

31/12/12: MCPA 0.06ug/L

9/10/13: MCPA 0.06ug/L

8/9/14: MCPA 0.05ug/L

8/10/14: MCPA 0.06ug/L

3/11/14: MCPA 0.05ug/L

1/12/14: MCPA 0.06ug/L

15/8/16: MCPA 0.07ug/L

17/10/16: MCPA 0.07ug/L

14/11/16: MCPA 0.06ug/L

12/12/16: MCPA 0.05ug/L

13/11/17: MCPA 0.05ug/L

11/12/17: MCPA 0.06ug/L

22/1/18: MCPA 0.06ug/L

19/8/19: MCPA 0.07ug/L

16/9/19: MCPA 0.1ug/L

21/10/19: MCPA 0.08ug/L

18/11/19: MCPA 0.06ug/L

The Happy Valley Reservoir is a water reservoir located in Adelaide, Australia. Constructed when the total population of Adelaide numbered 315,200 (1893 census), the Happy Valley Reservoir now supplies over a half a million people, from Adelaide’s southern extent to the city-centre.