2012 March: Porongurup Vineyards Spraydrift. Pesticide: 2,4-D

Porongurup wine grapes damaged by herbicide spray drift


Some Porongurup wine producers in WA’s Great Southern are concerned about grapevine damage, seemingly from spray drift of herbicides being used in summer weed control.

Some growers have reported damage to the Department of Agriculture and Food and it appears that it’s consistent with the effects of phenoxy herbicides such as 2,4-D drifting on to vines.

Angelo Diletti, from Castle Rock winery, is one grower affected.

“It’s widespread within our vineyard. The growing tips of the vines have a typically mis-shapen leaves, almost certain hormone damage,” he said.

“At this stage it’s growing tips, so it probably hasn’t affected this year. What it will do in the future I don’t know.”

The Department of Agriculture agrees that it is phenoxy damage and urges growers spraying summer weeds to be very careful in monitoring spraying conditions to avoid sprays drifting into susceptible crops such as grapes.