2010? Southern Riverland (SA). Vineyards at Risk. Pesticide: 2,4-D

An article written by Mark Hamilton for Australia & New Zealand
Grapegrower & Winemaker Magazine
…With the dramatic increase in vineyard plantings in Australia in the last five years there
is an increasing problem caused by farmers using highly volatile chemical sprays to
eliminate weed growth in paddocks adjacent to or in the vicinity of vineyards. This has,
in particular, been caused by farmers using Ester 2 4-D to suppress weed growth in
paddocks prior to cropping activities.
In the last 12 months an increasing number of incidents have been reported including
in the southern Riverland and in the south-east of South Australia. During the last
12 months I have obtained separate injunctions from the Supreme Court of South
Australia for a group of 21 southern Riverland grape growers and for a vine nursery
operator in the south-east of South Australia restraining local farmers from breaching
governmental spraying guidelines in their future spraying activities. Any future breach
of the injunctive orders would be potentially punishable as a contempt of court…