2009 October – 2010 January: Donnellys Creek Weir. Pesticides detected: Atrazine, Prometryn, Metalaxyl

Table 20: Maroondah Catchment samples

Sample No.4 Donnellys Creek @ Weir

Feb 2010: Metalaxyl 0.001ug/L

For instance, the fungicide propiconazole was detected in a sediment sample collected in September 2009 at 4 ug/kg, and metalaxyl was detected in water sample collected in October 2009 at 0.001 ug/L. Atrazine and prometryn triazine herbicides were also detected in the December 2009 water.

Site 14: Donnellys Creek Weir

22/10/09: Metalaxyl 0.004ug/L

10/12/09: Atrazine 0.003ug/L, Prometryn 0.13ug/L

21/1/10: Metalaxyl 0.002ug/L

Site 14: Sediment 7/9/09: Propiconazole 4ug/kg

Melbourne Water and DPI agrochemicals in Port Phillip Catchment project report 2009-10