2006/7 Lower Burdekin, Mackay-Whitsunday, Tully Regions. Pesticides: Multiple

Table 5A:  Regional comparison of the peak concentrations of herbicides in sugarcane growing regions in the GBR catchments.

Atrazine: 6.5ug/L (Lower Burdekin), 4.2ug/L (Mackay-Whitsunday), 1ug/L (Tully)

Diuron: 3.8ug/L (Lower Burdekin), 6.5ug/L (Mackay-Whitsunday), 19ug/L (Tully)

2,4-D: 2.5ug/L (Lower Burdekin), 1.1ug/L (Mackay-Whitsunday)

Ametryn: 1.8ug/L (Lower Burdekin), 0.14ug/L (Mackay-Whitsunday), 0.05ug/L (Tully)

Hexazinone: 0.22ug/L (Lower Burdekin), 0.45ug/L (Mackay-Whitsunday), 3.6ug/L (Tully)

Simazine: 0.18ug/L (Lower Burdekin), 0.03ug/L (Mackay-Whitsunday), 0.06ug/L (Tully)

p14 Water Quality Issues in the Burdekin Region

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