2006: Barron River (Qld) Simazine most frequently detected pesticide.

Water Quality Issues in the Barron WQIP Area ACTFR Report No. 08/06 Australian Centre for Tropical Freshwater Research
p 81 The Barron River is unique among other north Queensland rivers however, in that the
herbicide simazine is the dominant pesticide that is found at the mouth (Kepernick et al., 2006). Given that Simazine is commonly used in forestry applications, then perhaps forestry
should also be identified as a major source. While we do not know the specific application of this herbicide within the Barron, there are 7 sub-catchments with more than 20% forestry
land use (Table 4), none of which also have cropping and horticulture as a major land use.
However, the use of simazine in the Barron is perhaps more likely associated with
horticulture, with its use in the U.S. linked to the cultivation of almonds, avocados, grapes,
oranges, olives, walnuts and lemons (Fan and Alexeeff, 2001). There are many fruit and nut
trees and shrubs being grown in the Atherton Tableland, for which this herbicide would be
useful to control grasses and broadleaf weeds.