2005/6 Baratta/Sheep Station Creek Estuary. Pesticides: Atrazine, Desethylatrazine, Ametryn, Diuron

Three different herbicide residues were detected in the estuarine waters of the Barratta/Sheep Station Creek estuary including atrazine (0.05 μg/L) and its decay product desethylatrazine (0.03 μg/L), ametryn (0.02 μg/L) and diuron (0.01 μg/L). These concentrations all fall well below any ecological ANZECC guideline. No herbicide residues were detected in the three sediment samples.

p43 Pesticides in the lower Burdekin and Don River catchments (Edition 1) Stephen Lewis, Aaron Davis, Jon Brodie, Zoë Bainbridge, Vivian McConnell, Mirjam Maughan

Australian Centre for Freshwater Research 2006