2004 March: Yamba (South Australia). Spray drift concerns.

Farmers consider spray drift problem


South Australia’s Riverland grape growers and farmers are working together to prevent more vines being damaged from some sprays used on broadacre farms.

About 50 growers and farmers attended an information session about the problem known as spray drift at an affected vineyard in Yamba yesterday.

More than 19 cases of spray drift have been discovered in the Riverland, costing those growers hundreds of thousands of dollars in damaged vines.

PIRSA agronomist Graham Fromme says most farmers do the right thing, but the spray drift continues to be a problem.

“It’s disappointing that the majority of farmers, as I said, are aware and there’s just the few odd ones who either take the chance, or don’t spray under the right conditions, or use the wrong products that possibly cause the problems and, you know, the majority of farmers who live adjacent to horticultural areas are quite aware of what happens,” he said.