2003 August – 2004 May. Wilson River (NSW). Pesticides detected: Glyphosate, Dicamba.

21/08/2003 Wilson’s River WR02 Glyphosate 209 ug/L

25/09/2003 Wilson’s River WR02 Dicamba 1.8 ug/L

25/09/2003 Wilson’s River WR03 Dicamba 1.1 ug/L

25/09/2003 Wilson’s River WR03 Glyphosate 41 ug/L

29/01/2004 Wilsons River WR03 Glyphosate 17.7 ug/L

2/10/03 Wilson’s River WR04 Glyphosate 50 ug/L

16/09/2003 Wilson’s River WR05 Glyphosate 98 ug/L

25/09/2003 Wilson’s River WR05 Dicamba 1.5 ug/L

20/05/2004 Wilsons River WR05 Glyphosate 18.67 ug/L

Emigrant Creek Dam was constructed by Ballina Council in the late 1960’s and was the major water supply for Lennox Head and Ballina until 1988. In 1988 these areas were connected to the Rous Water water supply system. Emigrant Creek Dam remains a key component of the Rous Water regional water supply system and supplements the water supply from Rocky Creek Dam.

Record low levels at Rocky Creek Dam during 2002/03 resulted in Rous Water seeking an emergency water supply source to maintain a reliable supply to it’s customers. An emergency water source was subsequently identified at the Wilson’s River near Howard Grass, downstream of the Boat harbour. During the recent drought period, this source was the principal supply to the majority of Rous Water customers.

The Wilson’s River source is now set to become a key component of the Rous Water water supply strategy.