2002 March: Newcastle Toxic Insecticide Leak

Toxic Leak Overcomes Salvo Staff

Newcastle Herald Wednesday March 6, 2002

AT least five Salvation Army staff and volunteer workers were treated for eye and throat conditions after they were overcome by a leaking tub of insecticide yesterday.

A NSW Fire Brigade spokesman said hazardous materials, ambulance and fire crews were called to a warehouse in Hunter St West, Newcastle, about 3.20pm after volunteers reported a strange smell.

The spokesman said the people were overcome by the fumes fromthe tub, which was near the rear ofthe warehouse. `They became sick from the fumes and suffered minor throat and eye irritations as well as feelings of giddiness,’ the spokesman said.

The leaked insecticide was cleaned up by the HAZMAT crew, who contained the contamination and made the area safe.

The tub was taken away in a large, air-tight container for disposal.

It is believed the tub had been donated to the organisation about a week ago.