1999 October: Wakool (NSW). Vineyard Exposure.

CHEMICAL COWBOYS -a story of Guillain Barre Syndrome
By William Simmons, Manangatang, Victoria, Australia

“…I was working in a vineyard at Wakool in October 1999 when I got sprayed. My life will never be the same. I was working in the vineyard for approximately five months before I got sprayed. The day it happened I was working with the leading hand de-budding vines. The vines we were working in run from row 1 to row 123. At 10.00am we were close to the top of row 68/69 and stopped for morning tea. We had only sat down for some 2-3 minutes when the owner of the property arrived in an octopus double lane sprayer down row 70/71 and sprayed us. The thick vapour was impossible to escape and the smell was repugnant. The owner quickly took off down the next available row and left the property….”