1998/2001: Tuppal Creek NSW. Pesticides: Multiple

Highest Levels detected in Tuppal Creek 1998 & 2001

Molinate: 12.9ug/L 29/10/98

Oxychlordane: 0.02ug/L October 1998

Atrazine: 0.195ug/L 13/6/01

Simazine: 0.4ug/L 13/6/01

Glyphosate: 6ug/L 10/8/01

Dimethoate: 0.2ug/L

Note: Molinate and Thiobencarb were detected at 5851ug/L and 4393ug/L respectively using TRIMPS in October/November 1998.

Pesticide Discharges from Irrigated Agriculture in the Murray Irrigation Area, NSW South Wales Australia – NSW EPA 2002