1997: Wagga Wagga (NSW). Shearers Awarded $613,000 Exposure to OP Pesticide Applied to Sheep

1997 Wagga Wagga (NSW) Health impacts of OP Pesticide on Sheep

p41 “…Statistics for pesticide poisonings do not represent a large percentage of the overall number of injuries that occur in the agricultural industry; however, the cost of some of these claims can be significant. For example, three shearers in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, were awarded $613,144.00 in October 1997 for health effects associated with exposure to OP pesticide applied to sheep (Dips, 2000). There are also growing health and safety concerns, in the industry and the general community regarding the use of pesticides.

Source: https://eprints.qut.edu.au/16345/1/Kelly_Johnstone_Thesis.pdf

Organophosphate Exposure in Australian Agricultural Workers: Human Exposure and Risk Assessment. Kelly Johnstone Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Health and Safety) Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)