1995-2021: Innisfail Water Supply (Queensland). Pesticides: Chlorpyrifos, Fenthion Methyl, Fenthion, Diuron, Simazine, Imidacloprid

Raw Water Innisfail (Queensland)

Raw Water Source Results Summary 1995-2011

Chlorpyrifos (1 detection) 0.33ug/L (max), 0.01ug/L (av.), <0.01ug/L (min)

Fenthion Methyl (1 detection) 1.3ug/L (max), 0.02ug/L (av.) <0.01ug/L (min)

Diuron (4 detections) 0.1ug/L (max), 0.01ug/L (av.), <0.01ug/L (min)

Simazine (1 detection) 0.01ug/L (max), 0.01ug/L (av.), <0.01ug/L (min)

Imidacloprid (26 detections) 0.1ug/L (max), 0.02ug/L (av.), <0.01ug/L (min)

Innisfail Water Treatment Plant (raw) 2013-16

Imidacloprid 0.23ug/L (max), 0.06ug/L (av.), 0.02ug/L (min)

Table 3.7A Innisfail Scheme – SWA Johnstone River 1/2016 to 1/2021
Notes:1. Imidacloprid continues to be detected in the river water. Of 30 samples the min of this pesticide was 0.02ug/L, average of 0.065ug/L and max of 0.23ug/L

Innisfail Treatment Plant 2009-11

Imidacloprid 0.1ug/L (max), 0.02ug/L (av.), <0.01ug/L (min)

Innisfail Treatment Plant 2013-16

Imidacloprid 0.19ug/L (max), 0.05ug/L (av.), <0.01ug/L (min)

Innisfail Scheme Treated Water Quality – Jan 2016 – Jan 2021 – (WTP and Stoters Res) – SWA and Pesticide Results

Johnstone: Number of samples 41 Imidacloprid 0.19ug/L (max) 0.02ug/L (min), 0.07ug/L (av.). Pesticides Various 0.0ug/L

Source: Cassowary Coast Regional Council – Drinking Water Quality Management Plan May 2021

Innisfail Scheme Treated Water Quality

Sth Johnstone, Mena Ck, Wrights Park, Flying Fish Pt, Eubenangee, Garradunga and Castor Park 2012-2016

Imidacloprid 0.2ug/L (max), 0.05ug/L (av.), 0.00ug/L (min)

Innisfail Scheme Treated Water Quality

South Johnstone, Mena Creek, Wrights park, Flying Fish Point, Eubenangee, Garradunga and Castor Park Mourilylan Harbour 2016 -2021

Imidacloprid 0.11ug/L (max), 0.05ug/L (av.), 0.02ug/L (min)