1994: Shepparton East (Vic). Pesticides detected: Atrazine and Simazine.

“…Bauld (1996) reported that almost half of the 51 groundwater samples (49%) from the Shepparton East area of Victoria contained detectable pesticide residues and 43% contained triazines (atrazine and simazine). In contrast, there were very few pesticides found in groundwater in 1994 from a predominantly dryland agriculture region, the Goulburn River Catchment in the Nagambie-Mangalore area of Victoria (Watkins et al 1999a). They detected simazine and atrazine in only one ground (5%) and one surface water at concentrations between 0.06-0.96ug/L, and only in waters less than 25 years old…Ivkovic et al (2001) found atrazine (0.02 & 0.04ug/L), simazine (up to 0.45ug/L in 10 bores) and bromacil (2.5ug/L, 1 bore) in the Cobram area of northern Victoria. P134/5

Source: p134/5 Pesticide Use in Australia. A Review Undertaken by the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.