1990: Edi King River. Pesticides detected: DDT, Dieldrin.

In “Biocide Contamination in the Aquatic Environment. A study of the Ovens and King Rivers Region. EPA Scientific Series SRS 90/004”, the highest reading for DDT in a storm event on the Ovens River was 3.8µg/L . Dieldrin was found on the King River during a storm event at 0.07µg/L”, Aldrin at 0.01ug/L, Lindane at 0.01µg/L and Heptachlor at 0.08µg/L. Total DDT levels in sediment at a Myrtleford site were as high as 70ug/kg and at Edi on the King River at 85ug/kg. Total Dieldrin levels at Porkepunkah were found at 5ug/Kg and at 10ug/Kg at Edi. These levels are of concern.