1984 – 1985: Vince Creek (SA). Pesticides: Chlorpyrifos, DDT, Lindane, Endosulfan, Dachtal, Propyzamil, Chlorothalonil

Vince Creek


Chlorpyrifos: 18.75% (frequency of detection), 4.3ug/L (highest detection)

DDT and Metabolites: 87.5% (frequency of detection), 1.18ug/L (highest detection)

Lindane: 81.25% (frequency of detection), 0.07ug/L (highest detection)

Endosulfan: 81.25% (frequency of detection), 0.25ug/L (highest detection)

Dachtal: 43.75% (frequency of detection), 2.3ug/L (highest detection)

Propzamil: 6.25% (frequency of detection), 0.02ug/L (highest detection)

Chlorothalonil: 25% (frequency of detection), 0.53ug/L (highest detection)


DDT and Metabolites: 40% (frequency of detection), 0.16ug/L (highest detection)

Lindane: 20% (frequency of detection), 0.03ug/L (highest detection)

Dachtal: 20% (frequency of detection), 0.03ug/L (highest detection)

Propzamil: 13.33% (frequency of detection), 0.14ug/L (highest detection)

Pilot Survey of Pesticide Residues in Streams Draining a Horticultural Catchment, Piccadilly Valley, South Australia. K Thoma

Department of Agriculture South Australia

Technical Paper No. 131

June 1988