1981 November: Numurkah. Pesticide: Acrolein

10 November 1981

State Rivers and Water Supply Commission

Regulations Applying to the use of Acrolein

It was bought to my attention Friday evening (6th November), By Works Inspector *** (Nathalia) that a drum of acrolein in the Numurkah store was considered to be in an unsafe condition. I later learnt that the drum had been opened some eight days previously and part of the contents used in a channel injection.

… The drum exhibited signs of swelling, indicative of a build up of pressure with creases occurring on the top of the drum. It was considered that the contents of the drum be disposed of immediately.

Regulations applying to the use of Acrolein.

Section V4 of the Weed Control Operating Instructions…, clearly states that an opened drum, provided it is blanketed by nitrogen, may only be kept for a maximum of 3 days. This is not only the Commission’s policy but also that of the manufacturers of acrolein…