1977: Spray Drift Seaview (Vic). Pesticide: 2,4-D.

Seaview Spray Incident – APM/Skyfarmers October 28, 1977

Minutes Of Pesticide Review Committee Meeting #132

Seaview Spray Incident (Ethylester of 2,4-D – Ciba Geigy Ester 80. South of Grand Ridge Road, Seaview Gippsland. “… several other people have complained of damage, including a National Park several hundred yards along the road…The EPA has expressed an interest in the area and delegated to the Latrobe Valley Water and Sewerage Trust who were looking at the possible prosecution of APM and Skyfarmers for damage to Nolan’s property… Mr Pearce said about 1960, 2,4,5-T (ester) had been used to kill willows in State Rivers Channel and damage to a house garden about 200 yards downwind and the damage was quite severe.”


Lawsuit over spray

A State Government authority will prosecute an aerial spraying firm over an incident in October last year involving the alleged spraying of the herbicide 2,4-D.

The LaTrobe Valley Water and Sewerage Authority will prosecute Skyfarmers Pty Ltd on behalf of the Environment Protection Authority.

Skyfarmers has been charged under Section 41 of the Environment Protection Act, which makes it an offence to make changes to the atmosphere to that it would be detrimental to human beings and noxious to plants.

The secretary of the LaTrobe Valley Water and Sewerage Authority, Mr John Maglen, today said the allegation was that there had been an accidental discharge on to a property at Seaview while tree plantations owned by Australian Paper Mills were being sprayed to get rid of noxious weeds.

The property at Seaview is named Brigadoon Park, in Grand Ridge Road.

The penalty under the Environment Protection Act is not more than $5000.

“It is being alleged that the substance used was 2,4-D” Mr Maglen said.