1970: Utakarra (WA). Leaking Drum Kills Tomato Crops. Pesticide: 2,4-D Ester

Legislative Assembly (Western Australia)
Tuesday, the 8th September, 1970

Tuesday 8 September 1970


There are other incidents which could be quoted in connection with this type of spraying. The member for Northern has quoted one-it probably came to his notice as a railwayman-which referred to a leaking drum of 2,4-D ester which was being carried by a train that had stopped to carry out the shunting of stock. Not very much of the spray leaked out of the drum, but it was enough to destroy an entire field of tomatoes at the Utakarra

This constitutes a warning to the people who are in control of spraying operations
and it indicates the dangers that exist, particularly when highly volatile aerial
sprays are being used. As has been pointed out. 2,4-D ester and some of the other
sprays are really quite lethal; a view with which I entirely agree.