1965 October: Proposal to aerial spray 90 Mile Beach (Vic). Pesticide: Diazinon

21st October 1965

Letter from Health Inspector to Department of Health

Shire of Rosedale:

As you Department is aware, aerial spraying has been taking place prior to the Summer season at Seaspray and at Loch Sport when a mixture of D.D.T., Dieldrin, and Malathion was used at Seaspray and a proprietry line known as Bayter at Loch Sport.

Complaints have been received against this practice, stating that vegetable leaves were burnt by the spray, and that vegetables ready for picking were obviously contaminated, and that spray was entering water tanks.

Recently I have been approached by a chemical manufacturing firm whose representative is seeking a contract to supply a Diazinon based insecticide (NEDCID 20P) for aerial spraying of much of 90 mile beach including the resort subdivisions, areas of oil and gas exploration, and some off shore islands (outside of the shire I believe) and the representative is seeking my approval…