1960’s-1970’s: Australians spraying Agent Orange in Vietnam

Australians were engaged in crop destruction, as demonstrated by the Australian War
Memorial’s photographic evidence, preserved on two Australian government web sites.
Several 1968 images show an Australian Iroquois helicopter in flight over what is unquestionably agricultural land, ” A spray boom for defoliant extends from the
helicopter beneath the machine gunner, who is on the right of the image. Defoliant was loaded onto helicopters in 30-gallon tanks…[A M P01733.006]”[13]
Paul Ham quoted former Australian soldier, Fred Ball, who disclosed that Australians were required to perform the same type of work as their allies with the same purpose: “We sprayed the bloody place with Agent Orange … It wasn’t just the bloody jungles; it was used on bloody paddy fields. It killed everything, not only the vegetation; it killed
animals … Defoliation was simply a routine part of the war”. [14]
…Australian troops were also involved in the use of herbicides and insecticides, the latter being widely sprayed in Phuoc Tuy province, particularly at Nui Dat. Even during the war herbicide use attracted growing criticism in the United States with the first reports of birth defects in children born in areas subject to aerial spraying appearing in 1965.