2013 April: Narracan Creek (Vic) Pesticides and Potatoes

April 2013: Victorian EPA publishes Impacts of Intensive Agriculture and Plantation Forestry on Water Quality in the Latrobe Catchment Victoria. Narracan Creek is dominated by potato cropping. It also supplies thousands of people with drinking water. 10 different pesticides were detected including: Water supplies for Narracan Creek (Moe, Newborough, Trafalgar, Yallourn North and Yarragon) and Easterbrook Creek (Thorpdale). According to the EPA 2013 the following pesticides were detected in Narracan Creek in December 2011 (Diazinon 0.008ug/L, Simazine 0.012ug/L, Metolachlor 0.005ug/L, 2,4-D 0.005ug/L, Azoxystrobin 0.002ug/L, Diazinon 0.002ug/L, Metribuzin 0.072ug/L, 2,4-D 0.023ug/L, MCPA 0.076ug/L, Triclopyr 0.217ug/L, Azoxystrobin 0.002ug/L, Diazinon 0.002ug/L, Atrazine 0.003ug/L, Metribuzin 0.069ug/L, 2,4-D 0.028ug/L, MCPA 0.072ug/L, Triclopyr 0.0261ug/L, Atrazine 0.003ug/L, Metalaxyl 0.002ug/L) and March 2012 (2,4-D 0.018ug/L, Triclopyr 0.022ug/L, Azoxystrobin 0.002ug/L, Metolachlor 0.011ug/L)