2013 October: Murray’s Flat (NSW) Truck Accident. Pesticide: Glyphosate

EPA monitoring pesticide clean up after Hume Highway truck accident

Media release: 11 October 2013

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is monitoring the clean up of a large spill of pesticide (Roundup) following a truck accident near Murray’s Flat on the Hume Highway about 10km north of Goulburn.

The owner of the truck, Wadley’s Transport, is complying with its clean up responsibilities and a range of recovery and clean up resources have been mobilised from Goulburn and Sydney. Emergency services attended the accident scene last night. NSW Roads and Maritime Services are now the lead agency and the EPA and Sydney Catchment Authority are assisting to monitor the clean up of the site.

We are not aware of any significant environmental impacts at this stage.