2010 March: Illegal Dumping of Pesticide near Fitzroy Reservoir

Illegal poison dumping probed
March 14, 2010 South Coast Register

AS much as 100 litres of herbicide is believed to have been illegally dumped next to a water catchment at Fitzroy Reservoir last Thursday.

A Burrawang-based Sydney Catchment Authority (SCA) officer was doing a routine check when he discovered the pink coloured substance 100 metres east of the intersection of Nowra and Myra Vale roads at 9am.

Moss Vale firefighters and a Shoalhaven Hazmat team helped contain the spill, some of which was believed to have gone into the water, while most of the liquid was soaked up in the soil.

“There was no danger to anybody, but as a precaution the soil was removed,” NSW Fire Brigade Inspector Graham Jarrett said.

Wingecarribee Council removed one cubic metre of contaminated soil and the SCA took samples for analysis.

The clean-up was complete by 12.30pm and Bowral Police were notified.

There are SCA pesticide spraying notification signs at the reservoir and an SCA spokesperson said the matter was being looked into.

“The spilt material will be tested to determine exactly what it is, and this will help with our line of enquiries as to possible sources,” she said.

“Those lines of enquiry also routinely include any of our contractors operating in the area.”

The SCA is also investigating reports of a similar material seen in Burrawang on the Southern Highlands.