2013 September – 2015 January: Deloraine (Tas) Drinking Water. Pesticides: Picloram, Triclopyr, 2,4-D

Tas Water Annual Drinking Water Quality Report 2013-14


7/12/13: Western Creek u/s Deloraine – Picloram 1.07ug/L, Triclopyr 2.07ug/L

17/6/14: 2,4-D 0.25ug/L


Tas Water RTI Request August 2015

26/9/13: 2,4-D 0.05ug/L

17/6/14: 2,4-D 0.25ug/L

25/6/14: 2,4-D 0.07ug/L

TasWater Annual Drinking Water Quality Report 2014-15

8/6/14: 2,4-D 0.13ug/L

24/8/14: 2,4-D 0.13ug/L

21/1/15: MCPA 0.02ug/L

Retests were clear of pesticide residues and PAC dosing has been installed to mitigate the risk to public health