2010 – 2022: Bundaleer Reservoir (SA). Pesticide Detected: Simazine, Dicamba, MCPA, Atrazine, 2,4-D

Bundaleer Reservoir- Pesticide Detections

2010 September 13 Simazine 0.6ug/L

Bundaleer Reservoir Location 1

27/2/12: Dicamba 0.5ug/L

15/10/12: Dicamba 0.3ug/L

30/9/13: Dicamba 0.4ug/L

21/10/13: MCPA 0.08ug/L

29/9/14: Atrazine 1ug/L, Dicamba 0.3ug/L, MCPA 0.06ug/L, Simazine 1ug/L

31/3/15: Atrazine 0.9ug/L

14/9/15: Atrazine 0.8ug/L

5/9/16: Simazine 1ug/L

12/9/16: 2,4-D 0.06ug/L, MCPA 0.07ug/L

16/11/16: 2,4-D 0.07ug/L, Simazine 0.5ug/L

Bundaleer Reservoir Sample Pump

20/3/17: Atrazine 0.6ug/L, Simazine 0.6ug/L

10/4/17: Atrazine 0.5ug/L, Simazine 0.5ug/L

1/5/17: Atrazine 0.5ug/L, Simazine 0.5ug/L

5/6/17: Simazine 0.5ug/L

3/10/17: MCPA 0.21ug/L

12/9/22: Bundaleer Reservoir Sample Pump 2,4-D 2.14ug/L

12/9/22: Bundaleer Reservoir Sample Pump Clopyralid 0.8ug/L

12/9/22: Bundaleer Reservoir Sample Pump MCPA 3.03ug/L

Bundaleer Reservoir is located 58 kilometres south east of Port Pirie and was built between 1898 and 1903 to supplement supplies from the Beetaloo Reservoir.

The Bundaleer scheme was designed to provide water for the towns of Snowtown, Redhill, Brinkworth, Narridy, Blythe and Port Wakefield and surrounding districts.