2001 May – 2020: Clarendon Weir (SA). Pesticide detected: Simazine, MCPA, Triclopyr, 2,4-D

Clarendon Weir Pesticide detections.

23/5/00: Simazine 0.9ug/L

31/8/05: Simazine 0.6ug/L

Clarendon Weir Sample Pump

25/6/12: MCPA 0.1ug/L, Triclopyr 0.2ug/L

20/8/12: Triclopyr 0.2ug/L

17/9/12: MCPA 0.11ug/L

15/10/12: MCPA 0.11ug/L

12/11/12: MCPA 0.09ug/L

30/1/13: MCPA 0.08ug/L

4/2/13: MCPA 0.06ug/L

29/7/13: MCPA 0.1ug/L

23/9/13: MCPA 0.08ug/L

21/10/13: MCPA 0.08ug/L

18/11/13: MCPA 0.06ug/L

16/12/13: MCPA 0.06ug/L

13/1/14: MCPA 0.06ug/L

4/8/14: MCPA 0.8ug/L

25/8/14: MCPA 0.07ug/L

22/9/14: MCPA 0.09ug/L

20/10/14: MCPA 0.07ug/L

17/11/14: MCPA 0.09ug/L

15/12/14: MCPA 0.07ug/L

22/8/16: MCPA 0.1ug/L

19/9/16: MCPA 0.1ug/L

17/10/16: MCPA 0.07ug/L

14/11/16: MCPA 0.06ug/L

12/12/16: MCPA 0.05ug/L

6/3/17: MCPA 0.05ug/L

21/8/17: MCPA 0.15ug/L

28/9/17: MCPA 0.08ug/L

16/10/17: MCPA 0.09ug/L

13/11/17: MCPA 0.11ug/L

11/12/17: MCPA 0.08ug/L

8/1/18: MCPA 0.08ug/L

5/2/18: MCPA 0.07ug/L

5/3/18: MCPA 0.05ug/L

1/7/19: 2,4-D 0.09ug/L, MCPA 1.32ug/L

26/8/19: MCPA 0.16ug/L

21/10/19: MCPA 0.06ug/L

13/7/20: MCPA 0.2ug/L

17/8/20: MCPA 0.1ug/L

14/9/20: MCPA 0.08ug/L

19/10/20: MCPA 0.05ug/L

The Clarendon Weir is a small weir on the Onkaparinga River near Adelaide in South Australia. Built in 1894–96 as part of the early Onkaparinga Water Scheme, the weir was designed to pool water from the Mount Bold Reservoir on the Onkaparinga, which is often boosted with water from the River Murray From the weir water is directed onwards to Happy Valley Reservoir in the Field River catchment through pipeline. The water is used to supply the majority of the Adelaide region’s water needs. Source: Wikipedia.