2009 April: Langkoop (Vic) Crop Duster Accident.

Crop spraying examined after fatal crash

Updated Crash investigators examining the fatal helicopter crash on the Victoria-South Australian border will look at how safety regulations could be improved for crop sprayers.

The crash near Langkoop claimed the life of 29-year-old Rhys Kirwan from Tarpeena in the south east of South Australia.

Mr Kirwin was spraying a forest plantation when he clipped power lines and crashed into trees.

Dave Grambauer from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau says crop spraying pilots are well trained to deal with tough flying conditions.

“What we’ll be doing is just gathering all the information and from there we’ll be determining what was the cause and hopefully some safety benefit will come of it,” he said.

“Within agricultural operations these pilots are trained as are other pilots … trained to do what they do.

“The training is set out and it’s done right through the organisations and the world and they come up to a standard to fly these types of operations.”