2007 – 2020: Baroota Reservoir (SA). Pesticide detected: Simazine, 2,4-D, MCPA, Metsulfuron Methyl, Dicamba.

Baroota Reservoir 2007- 2020

19/6/07: Simazine 1.6ug/L (Source of information FoI SA Water)

8/9/15: Metsulfuron Methyl 0.05ug/L

16/11/16: 2,4-D 0.16ug/L

16/11/16: MCPA 0.48ug/L

6/9/17: Dicamba 0.3ug/L

6/9/17: MCPA 0.06ug/L

23/3/20: 2,4-D 0.19ug/L

Additional water for Port Pirie and other northern parts of the Beetaloo distribution system was provided when the five-year project to build the Baroota Reservoir was completed in 1921.

Situated on a creek of the same name to the north-east of Port Germein, the dam also receives water from the Morgan-Whyalla Pipeline.

It took until 1932 before there was enough water in Baroota for the spillway to overflow. In the 1970s a new spillway was constructed.

The Baroota Reservoir lies between the Mount Remarkable National Park and the Telowie Gorge Conservation Park.