2005 February – 2009 February: Fitzroy Crossing (WA): Pesticide detected: Dieldrin.

Fitzroy Crossing Pesticide Detections.

2005 February 16 – Fitzroy Crossing: Dieldrin 0.01ug/L

2005 May 18 – Fitzroy Crossing: Dieldrin 0.01ug/L

2005 August 17 – Fitzroy Crossing: Dieldrin 0.007ug/L

2005 November 16 – Fitzroy Crossing: Dieldrin 0.009ug/L

2006 February 15: Fitzroy Crossing: Dieldrin 0.014ug/L

2006 April 19: Fitzroy Crossing Dieldrin: 0.006ug/L

2006 August 9: Fitzroy Crossing Dieldrin: 0.008ug/L

2006 November 1: Fitzroy Crossing Dieldrin: 0.008ug/L

2007 February 14: Fitzroy Crossing Dieldrin: 0.006ug/L

2007 May 1: Fitzroy Crossing Dieldrin: 0.007ug/L

2007 August 8: Fitzroy Crossing Dieldrin: 0.006ug/L

2007 November 13: Fitzroy Crossing Dieldrin: 0.006ug/L

2008 February 6: Fitzroy Crossing Dieldrin: 0.01ug/L

2008 November 11: Fitzroy Crossing Dieldrin 0.004ug/L

2009 February 17: Fitzroy Crossing Dieldrin 0.004ug/L

Fitzroy Crossing – the water source for Fitzroy Crossing is a series of bores adjacent to the Fitzroy River. Similar to Yerecoin, dieldrin is likely to be present due to construction works in the area and the historic use of dieldrin to control termite infestations. The aquifer at Fitzroy Crossing is fractured rock so it is very difficult to determine the extent of the contamination and subsequently remove any contaminated soil. The Corporation has revised its bore operating strategy to ensure minimal impact.

Source: Water Corporation – August 2011.