1994 Spring: St Columbia Falls. Pesticide: Simazine

Spring 1994

Hellyer River at Guildford Link Road Simazine 0.06ug/L

Cattely Creek at Blackmarsh Road Atrazine 0.1ug/L

Little Henty River d/s Zeehan Hexazinone 0.2ug/L

Lisle Creek off Nook Road Hexazinone 0.2ug/L

Rubicon River at Smith and Others Road. Atrazine 0.7ug/L

Great Forester River at Tasman Highway Simazine 0.2ug/L

South George River at St Columbia Falls Simazine 0.2ug/L

Great Forester River at Prosperity Road Simazine 1.0ug/L

Spring 1995

Great Forester Catchment Simazine 0.5ug/L

Great Forester Catchment Simazine 0.4ug/L

Table 2 Summary of Pesticide Monitoring Results from the River Health Program

Review of the Scammel Report – Aerial Spraying in the George River Catchment. Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment. August 2004