1990: Clarence River NSW: OC residues in wildlife: Dieldrin, DDT

OC Residues in Wildlife of the Clarence River.

Source: Courtesy of Marianne Grinter – North Coast Environment Council, Stuarts Point NSW 1990.

Mullett: <0.1ppm Dieldrin, <0.01ppm DDT

Cormorant: <0.1ppm Dieldrin, ~0.8ppm DDT

Magpie: ~1.4ppm Dieldrin, 0.1ppm DDT

Kookaburra: 0.8ppm Dieldrin, 0.7ppm DDT

Bandicoot: 13ppm Dieldrin, 2.7ppm DDT

p114 Quick Poison Slow Poison. Pesticide Risk in the Lucky Country. Kate Short 1994