1982 August: McDonald Park/Angle Vale (SA). Hundreds of dead pigeons. Pesticide: Fenthion

National Parks and Wildlife Service
South Australia
Pesticide Use (Smithfield) McDonald Park/Angle Vale
4 August 1982

Inspectors of the Law Enforcement Section have interviewed a number of persons in the McDonald Park/Angle Vale area in relation to the use of pesticide to poison pigeons.

This use of poison does not appear to be widespread within the McDonald Park/Angle Vale area.

As a result the public response to appeals for information on the source of the poisoning has now been isolated to one property.

Employees of the company concerned told National Parks and Wildlife Service Inspectors that Baytex 50, a Bayer product, was used to kill mosquitoes, flies etc.
It was used on two occasions at the rate of 40 mls. per litre and 80 mls per litre mixed with a 2 gallon bucket of wheat on each occasion for the purpose of poisoning pigeons.
Up to 300 pigeons are estimated to have died. The majority of these birds were collected and burnt or otherwise disposed of.

There are no run-off or water catchment areas within the immediate area.

All of the grain laid bait was eaten by birds within 2/3 days and an assurance has been received that no further poisoning will be carried out.

The active constituent of Baytex is Fenthion and the presence of this chemical was detected by the Forensic Science Division of the Department of Supply in crop samples removed from dead birds.

It is highly improbable that any long-term affects to the Environment would occur as a result of this particular incident…