1980 September: Goroke (Vic). Large number of birds found dead in paddock. Pesticide: Fenthion

September 1980
Fisheries and Wildlife Division

Report on Analysis of Birds

Samples: Dead birds submitted were part of large number found dead in a paddock at Goroke. Suspected of being poisoned. Analysis for arsenic, Strychnine and fenthion-ethyl was requested.


Corella Fenthion-ethyl 19 parts per million
Raven (1) Fenthion-ethyl 25 parts per million
Raven (2) Fenthion-ethyl 1180 parts per million
Raven (3) Fenthion-ethyl 1683 parts per million
Magpie (1) Fenthion-ethyl 417 parts per million

Remarks: The analyses were performed on the stomach contents of the birds.

The largest residues were obtained from those birds with grain in their stomach. One magpie submitted had an empty stomach, so no result was obtained.